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The One Secret Reason Why You Have High Blood Pressure & How to Get a Normal High Blood Pressure Again Using Just a Cup of Tea!

My name is Tayo Ogundele – I am 45 years old & my Father died from Kidney failure that was caused by high blood pressure.

The worst part is high blood pressure gives no warning. 

– One minute you could be walking down the street, and the next moment you could drop in the middle of the street, struggling to breathe & fighting for your life from a stroke or heart attack. 

This is why you need to read every word on this page very carefully

After My dad Died From High BP Related Complication - I checked my Own

It was at 182/100

My doctor screamed; ‘’You have high blood pressure & I have to put you on bed rest’’ 

Imagine my fear at that point: having the same issue that killed my father. I wondered which of the high bp complications would affect me. 

Heart attack! You could be walking one day and your high blood pressure would just burst an artery in your heart – leading to a heart attack!

Stroke?! This is where high blood pressure bursts a blood vessel in your brain, crippling the person at once.

Kidney failure?! Just like it happened to my father – it could even cause one’s kidney to fail. 

Heck, in some cases – high blood pressure can cause dementia.

They put me on bed rest & immediately put me on drugs. I remember that afternoon like it was yesterday when the doctor said:

You’d Have to Stay on BP Meds All Your Life

It shocked me; I never thought high blood pressure would happen to me too! 

I Imagined taking pills every day of my life! 

At first, It was not a big deal for me (anything to stop my high BP), not until I found out about the drugs’ complications! 

For example: Do you know that long-term use of high blood pressure medicine can lead to kidney failure?

Yes, the drugs could still damage your kidneys!!!

Don’t take my word for it, take a look – it was discovered by US scientists

Imagine my dismay When I Found This Out

No drugs = Problem 

Taking Drugs = Problem

It was very clear I had to reverse high blood pressure & get off my drugs – ASAP!

But Then My doctor told me: 

‘’High Blood Pressure Has no Cure’’

I am sure your doctor may have told you this too – 

I believed them, and stayed on my meds – but the more I took the drugs the more dependent I became on it. Without it for a day – my blood pressure would shoot up.

That was when I discovered something else.

If you have high blood pressure the drugs you take do NOT address the root cause of high blood pressure. It just solves the symptoms

To cure it first, the root cause must be solved:

The Root Cause of High BP is:

Your Body is Not Removing Wastes Like It Did When You Were Younger!

These wastes are all over the walls of your blood vessels right now and stopping the smooth flow of blood. 

This is why your bp meds do not cure you because it does not remove the waste that has clogged up your system over the years! 

The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to tell you this because they will make more money selling you drugs for life than giving you one that solves the problem once and for all.  

After a Doctor friend explained this to me; my focus shifted from solving the symptoms & focusing on cleaning up my body system. 

This improves the circulation of blood & causes your blood pressure to reduce:

My Doctor friend then went ahead to introduce me to this:

The High BP Crusher

A herbal tea that cleans off accumulated waste In Your Blood Vessels

How to Use The High BP Crusher

Step 1: Make tea with the High BP Crusher tea bag.

Step 2: Drink it twice a day – morning and at night – whenever you take your meds. 

Step 3: Take it consistently for one month. 

The tea softens the wastes in your blood & blood vessels, making it easy to pass out of your body when you go to the toilet, through urine and through sweat. 

By the 30th day of using this, you’d notice a significant decrease in your blood pressure as the wastes flush out – take it for 3 months and your blood pressure would be completely normal

Here Are Real Life Feedback from People Who Have Used This Tea

Now You See it Works, You Now Have Three Options

Option 1: Ignore your high blood pressure – keep living your life, and don’t try to reverse it. This option destroys your blood vessels, and one day – one blood vessel is going to burst. 

Option 2: Manage your BP with drugs all your life – and risk all the complications it comes with (including kidney failure) 

Option 3: Fix your BP from the root cause by removing the toxins and wastes in your system, so you can get off the drugs and finally live free of high blood pressure.

I Picked Option Three & My Blood Pressure Have Been Normal for the Past 10 Months Without Drugs

Now It is Your Turn 

Introducing the High Blood Pressure Crusher

Here is what to do next to order a pack of the high blood pressure crusher. 

Step 1 – Select your package below.  

Step 2- Fill in your name, phone number, and address on the next page –

Step 3 – Expect a call from our office to schedule a day for the delivery of your HBP Crusher tea.










Once it is delivered to you, use the tea bag 2x a day (in the morning and at night) together with a normal dosage of your bp drugs (if you are still on them).

Use for one month, then slowly get off your med and see how improved your blood pressure has become.

Want to crush that stubborn High BP naturally and eliminate stroke?